Speech-To-Text Integration For Your Business

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Speech-to-text technology is an essential tool for any business. Especially if your company wants to break into the international market, increase employee productivity, and increase revenue. It allows companies to communicate with people from around the world in their own language. It also provides a fast and efficient way to convert audio content into text.

But how do you integrate speech-to-text technology into your business? Here is everything you need to know about speech-to-text technology. We cover what it is, the benefits of the service, and tips to get started with it in your business.

What Is Speech-To-Text Technology?

Speech-to-text technology is also called voice recognition software or voice-to-text. It is a type of speech recognition system that converts sound waves into digital text. This process takes place in real-time. It can be used for many different purposes, such as converting audio content to text or sending messages without using your hands on smartphones.

Speech-to-text technology has become increasingly popular in business. It provides an efficient way to communicate with people from around the world who don’t speak English fluently. Many excellent speech-to-text services are available with a quick google search, offering various benefits and solutions to your business problems.

The Top Five Benefits of Using Speech-to-Text Technology in the Workplace

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Speech-to-text technology is an essential electronic communication tool in the workplace. It can be used as a more efficient way to communicate with people from other countries who may not know English well or for converting audio content to text files that can be easily shared and organized using cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Here we list the top five benefits speech-to-text software has over traditional business methods:

  1. Increased Efficiency When Communicating With Others From Different Countries

There’s no denying that language barriers often create many difficulties. This is especially true in international business dealings. For example, one person might say, “I think you need some new tires.” However, you may hear it as “I think this is getting tiring.” This will hold an entirely different meaning. It would impact the way you would respond and move forward in your conversation. Using speech-to-text technology ensures that you’re able to communicate effectively and quickly.

  1. Speech-to-Text Technology Can Help Increase Employee Productivity

Research has shown that people who use speech-to-text technology are able to be more productive.  A speech-to-text system enables employees to use voice commands to retrieve data. They can also perform other duties instead of manually typing every letter. This means that employees can work faster and make fewer mistakes than if typing was required.

  1. Speech-to-Text Technology Can Save Time

Instead of having to manually type out documents, long e-mails, or notes from a meeting, you can talk through it. This saves a ton of time and allows employees to move on to their next task. What might take an employee ten minutes to write on a computer will now take 30 seconds, thanks to speech-to-text technology.

  1. Speech-To-Text Technology Is Inclusive For People With Disabilities to Communicate

Finding ways to be inclusive to those with disabilities is essential for every business. People with disabilities can communicate more easily now using speech-to-text technology. This is a massive benefit for people who would have otherwise not been able to work in the workforce due to their disability.

Some examples of these individuals are those that don’t have use of their hands or the ability to speak verbally. Now they’re able to do so without having any limitations on what they can say, and it’s all thanks to this innovation!

  1. Speech-To-Text Technology Reduces Strain To The Wrists

Many people find that the typing they used to have to do on a computer is significantly reduced thanks to speech-to-text technology. This is great for those who are tired of straining their wrists from the repetitive motion. Imagine how much time you’ll save by not having to type out your document on paper anymore? You’ll never have to worry about getting carpal tunnel syndrome or any other wrist problems again!

How To Integrate Speech-to-text Into Your Business

Now that you’ve recognized all of the ways that audio converters can benefit your business, you might be wondering where to get started. Follow these easy steps to integrate speech-to-text technology into your business.

  1. Determine if Speech To Text Is Right For Your Business

Before anything, you need to determine if integrating this software will be a good fit for your needs. Suppose you are involved with work that involves audio recordings, transcription of meetings, speeches, or interviews. In that case, using voice recognition software may help transform these time-consuming tasks and provide faster efficiency.

Voice recognition makes it easy to work on multiple tasks at one time. This decreases turnaround time for client deliverables and saves you money. You won’t need to spend extra money for a staff member to do this job, when you work with voice-to-text technology.

  1. Find The Right Speech To Text Software

The next step is to find speech-to-text software that fits your business needs. While there are tons of speech-to-text services available on the market, such as Rev, Temi, or Trent, they don’t quite rank for business services.


The best application we’ve found for Business Speech to Text Software is SmartScribe. This efficient app lets you take down work meeting notes. You can even record interviews or phone conversations. Plus, it has knowledge of 31 dialects and easy-to-use dashboards. You’ll find your business is more productive than ever by using this software.


  1. Integrate Text To Speech Into Your Everyday Business Needs

Now that you’ve downloaded the perfect audio converter software, it’s time to start using it in your everyday work life. A few quick ways to integrate it into your routine might include:

  • Using speech-to-text to dictate your emails.
  • Using voice commands on your phone and computer for quick actions.
  • Recording yourself talking about a topic you know well, then transcribe it into text.
  • Record product demonstrations or client meetings, so you have notes to refer to.

There are tons of ways to integrate text-to-speech technology into your business.


  1. Avoid Common mistakes that Employees Make When Using speech to text Software

There are a number of common mistakes that people make when trying to use speech-to-text software. Most of these are very natural because not everyone is familiar with this type of technology. Try to avoid these mistakes to make business integration even more accessible.

Using Your Normal Tone

People often don’t speak in their natural voice. This makes it difficult for the software to understand what they’re saying. Try reading aloud. Pretend you were talking directly to someone else face-to-face. Avoid using your normal tone.

Talking Too Fast or Slow

Most people who use this software do not know how fast you should talk. Speed is important so that the text can be accurately converted into audio. An excellent way to test this is to record yourself talking and play it back. If any words are missing, try slowing down your speech.

Using Slang or Filler Words

Avoid Filler words like “uh” or “um.” They can really confuse the software. Filler words make it difficult to transcribe your speech accurately. On the same note, try to avoid slang words, jargon, and contractions.

The Future of Speech Recognition Software in Business

It’s clear that the future of business will revolve around voice-to-text software. The benefits of voice to text are far too many to pass by. By using voice recognition software, you can save time in your day. You’ll be more efficient with tasks like transcription or dictation.

You should also be aware that speech recognition is constantly evolving. This means that there’s always room for improvement and accuracy. Luckily, companies have been making strides towards improving their products. Transcription services want to meet customer needs better so they continuously release new updates. For instance, SmartScribe has recently released an update on its app. This upgrade increases performance by 20%. This means less frustration when trying out this technology!

Download The Speech-To-Text App SmartScribe Today

Speech-to-text software is a must for any business looking to increase its efficiency, productivity, and speed. It’s no wonder that big corporations are already using this technology in order to stay competitive in today’s economy.

With SmartScribe transcription application, you can take your notes or meeting minutes and turn them into editable documents without ever having to type another word! Your employees will be able to focus on what they do best – getting the job done quickly and efficiently– all while improving customer experience with better product turnaround times. Download our free trial of SmartScribe now so you, too, can upgrade your office capabilities by taking advantage of speech recognition software. Why wait?