Best Voice to Text (Transcriptionist) Apps of 2021


Speech Recognition (voice to text) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence algorithms and it has become abundantly accessible to average people via mobile apps. A few years ago, the word “A.I.” was such a high-tech and intimidating vocabulary. However, this technology has infused much within the common devices we use these days.

A.I. has breached itself into ever-expanding use-cases: predictive models, fraud detection, speech recognition, and soon to become common self-driving cars, just to name a few.

In this article, we are going to only focus on the power of A.I. in speech recognition. Additionally, we will introduce some of the best mobile and web apps available right now.

What values do Voice to Text (Transcriptionist) Apps provide?

There are many virtual transcriptionist apps out there now; SmartScribe, Otter, Rev, Temi, Trint, etc. just to name a few. Professional transcriptionists can benefit from incorporating such apps into their profession. Similarly, the general public can benefit from using such apps as well. (This article covers how Voice Memo apps can help everyone with the daily tasks)

Voice to Text Apps use-cases for regular people

Note-taking in the meetings is a cumbersome task. That’s because it is difficult (if not impossible) to remain fully engaged in the meetings while busy taking notes. Above all, have you noticed the person who takes notes has to interrupt the flow of the meeting often with untimely silences? I think you got the idea.

Another use-case is transcribing audio files or videos for people who prefer reading the materials later. Different people have different learning styles. For example, some prefer reading over listening or watching videos, and vice versa. Hence, for speed readers who prefer to go over the spoken information visually, a good “speech to text” app can be really handy.

How about letting a “voice to text” app jot down the conversation between you and your accountant or lawyer? Professionals such as accountants and lawyers possess a wealth of convoluted information. However, it is costly to consult with one. Additionally, for individuals who do not deal with legal or accounting matters daily, communicating such matters may need some time for digesting. Hence, recording and transcribing with communication will benefit individuals by letting the “speech to text” app write down those unfamiliar terminologies.

Physicians and psychotherapists can save a lot of funds by using “voice to text” apps instead of hiring medical transcriptionists.

Speech to Text Apps use-cases for professional transcriptionists

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of medical transcriptionists is projected to decline 2 percent from 2019 to 2029. Technological advances have changed the way medical transcription is done.

The emergence of transcriptionist apps is not necessarily a replacement for human transcriptionists. Currently, the accuracy of human transcriptionists has been superior to A.I. transcriptionists apps. However, the gap between the two is continuously narrowing. Until that happens, human transcriptionists can take advantage of “voice to text” apps to get their job done quicker and easier.

Best transcriptionist (voice to text) apps of 2021

#1. SmartScribe

SmartScribe‘s design is as clean and straightforward as iPhone’s built-in Voice Memo. This iOS app is a combination of Voice Recorder and a multilingual transcriber. Here are a few features of SmartScribe that make this app stand out from the competition:


  1. Free trial upon request.
  2. Subscription free: users do not need to subscribe to a monthly fee to utilize this app, and it is a pay-as-you-go service.
  3. Free built-in voice recorder: if you have read this article, you probably know how to utilize iOS Voice Memo as a productivity app. Well, a better alternative to the iOS Voice Memo is SmartScribe. That’s because SmartScribe offers a voice recorder with a built-in folder structure. Hence, not only you can record sound, but also you can organize them in a familiar folder structure. Moreover, you have will have an option to transcribe the audio files.
  4. Competitive rate: for the quality of the transcription that you get, SmartScribe rates are really excellent. Unlike other transcriptionist services, SmartScribe does not charge an additional fee for transcribing foreign accents, time stamping, speaker identification.
  5. Accuracy: SmartScribe’s transcription engine is one of the top-rated engines in the industry. It utilizes ever enhancing AWS transcription engine.
  6. Multilingual Voice to Text engine (31 languages)
  7. HIPPA compatible medical transcription (patients’ sensitive information is masked): This is one of the unique features of SmartScribe. SmartScribe can be used as a medical transcriptionist because it understands medical terminologies. Additionally, it recognizes personal private information such as date of birth and SSN and masks them in the transcription. Just make sure to select “Medical” mode when submitting a medical conversation for transcription.
  8. Multiple speaker identification
  9. Human transcriptionist option: For more than 99% accuracy, you can hire a human transcriber directly from the app for $1/min delivered in less than 24 hours(which is much lower than the comparable service provided by competitors)! This is another unique feature of the app.
  10. Built-in editor
  11. Web app for transcribing:


  1. Lack of support for android devices
  2. Does not transcribe video files

#2. REV

REV is probably one of the often appeared companies when you google the word “transcriptionist software” or “speech to text”. Above all, this company has been around for a while. According to their website, they have more than 50,000 transcribers waiting to transcribe. They specialize in human transcription service and their turnaround time is 12 hours. Having said that, their pricing a steeper than SmartScribe.


  1. Faster turn around time for human transcription
  2. Ability to order rush (5 times faster) for an extra $1/min
  3. Ability to provide video caption, as well as a live caption for Zoom.
  4. No need for a subscription.
  5. Available for Web, iOS, and Android


  1. Extra cost for foreign languages: $3-$7 per minute for foreign languages.
  2. The rate for A.I. transcription (with 80% accuracy) of $0.25/minute is not an attractive rate comparing to let’s say SmartScribe (less than $0.12/minute)

#3. Temi

Temi is an A.I.-based transcription service that is capable of transcribing video and audio files with 80% to 90% accuracy. Unlike REV (with a focus on human-based transcription), the focus of Temi is on A.I.-based transcription service. Additionally, Temi offers a free 45 minutes trial. Their rate is $0.25/minute.


  1. Free 45 minutes trial
  2. Fast turn around time (10 minutes)
  3. Ability to transcribe both audio and video files


  1. Lack of support for other languages
  2. Lack of option for human transcription
  3. No medical transcriptionist mode
  4. No support for foreign languages or foreign accent

#4. Trint

Trint is a transcriptionist software that allows multiple users to collaborate in editing a transcription. If you are running a big transcription editing service business, Trint might be a great candidate. That’s because it allows multiple employees of yours to work on a single big project concurrently and Trint provides an online platform to do so. Trint is a subscription-based service.


  1. Collaborative space for multiple people working on the same project
  2. Audio and Video transcription
  3. Built-in editor for manual correction
  4. Free trial


  1. Lack of support for other languages
  2. No human transcription service
  3. No medical transcriptionist mode

#5. Otter

Otter is an A.I.-based transcriptionist that is similar to Trint. Above all, Otter supports custom vocabulary and has 4 tiers with different price points. Not long ago, Zoom entered a contract with Otter for its transcription needs. Also, Otter does support Web as well as iOS and Android.


  1. Custom vocabulary
  2. Integration with Zoom
  3. Different tiers with different price points
  4. Speaker identification
  5. Folder structure
  6. Available for Web, iOS, and Android
  7. Subscription fees are less than Trint


  1. No Human-based transcription service
  2. No Medical transcriptionist mode
  3. Lack of support for foreign languages or foreign accent



For individuals, our recommendation is SmartScribe. Above all, SmartScribe provides a clutter-free app with a built-in voice recorder with folder structure support. Additionally, it is capable of becoming a medical transcriptionist. Also, it supports foreign languages and foreign accents. And users can easily import their Voice Memos recordings. The web application is perfect for transcribing audio files recorded elsewhere. If you live in a country where the spoken language is other than English, SmartScribe is the way to go. Not only SmartScribe supports other languages, but also it has a dedicated mode for various accents such as British English, Indian English, Australian English, and Scottish English!

For corporates, our recommendation is Otter. Otter works really nicely with Zoom, but it also supports custom vocabularies to understand the organizational custom acronyms or words.

For transcription service businesses, our recommendation is Trint. The collaboration capability of Trint’s platform makes it a perfect choice for transcriptionist businesses that receive a lot of transcription requests.

For doctors, psychotherapists, and medical transcribers, our recommendation is SmartScribe. SmartScribe offers a Medical Transcriptionist mode, but it also identifies the patient’s sensitive information such as social security number, date of birth, etc., and masks them to be HIPPA compatible. Also, for difficult audio where there is a lot of crosstalk, users can pick a “human transcriptionist” mode to hire professional transcribers effortlessly directly from the app!

If you would like to try out SmartScribe, you can email and ask them for a free trial to receive free transcription credits.